Sandhole Behaviour Services

Pet Behaviour Advice & Support

At Sandhole we truly believe that a pet's mental wellbeing is just as important as the physical.

Our wonderful Behavioural Service is available to all pet owners, whether Sandhole clients currently or not, and has helped many owners and pets address the underlying issues causing problematic behaviours.

Behavioural issues can be caused by a number of factors, including: Happy dog

  • Previous bad experiences
  • Lack of socialisation
  • Behaviours learned as a young animal
  • Lack of opportunity to display normal behaviours for their species 

Our highly trained and experienced vets and nurses take the time to get to know each pet as an individual, assessing his / her lifestyle along with any significant environmental factors. We work together with you, Dog on back the owner, to tailor a programme that will not only help improve unwanted behaviours but will also benefit the general well being of your pet. 

So if your pet is exhibiting inappropriate urination, separation related problems, firework fear, on-lead aggression or any other behavioural issues, please don't feel there's nothing you can do - we're here to help!

For more information, please call 01634 242502 or email [email protected]