Nurse Vet Clinics

Expert Pet Advice

Our wonderful nurses are an invaluable part of the Sandhole team, with over 110 years of experience between them! Each one is fully qualified and registered, ensuring both you and your pet the very  best care at all times.

Our nursing team are always on hand to offer advice on any aspect of your pet's care and welfare, through a variety of free clinics. These are very popular, and therefore attendance is by appointment only - please call us on 01634 242502 to find out more and book a place for your pet.

Fit for Life Club 

Dogs and cats over seven years old are more vulnerable to conditions Old dog such as arthritis, dental problems and diabetes. Spotting signs early and implementing some simple changes to your pet's lifestyle and diet can make a big difference to their general health and wellbeing. Come and chat to our lovely qualified nurses and together we can keep your pet on the road to a long and happy life!

Healthcare and nutrition

Prevention is always better than cure, and our nursing team will offer advice on all aspects of routine care, tailored specifically to your pet. Whether you are thinking of getting a new pet, or would simply like to understand the options available for vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, dental care, neutering or diets, we can help!

Weight Watchers

Cat on scales Obesity is (quite literally) a growing problem, with potentially serious implications for your pet’s health. Our nurses will assess your cat, dog or rabbit, determine a target weight and provide dietary and lifestyle advice to help you get there. It doesn’t have to be painful, and we promise that your pet will still love you!

Behavioural advice

If your pet is exhibiting any unusual behaviour, we will first make an appointment with a vet in order to rule out any underlying medical issues.. If none are found, pets are then referred to our Behavioural Specialist for help with issues such as: inappropriate toileting, nervousness, chewing or biting, accommodating new pets and family members and general socialisation or behavioural concerns.

Exotic and Avian Care Cockatiel

Sometimes we hear of exotic pets being sold with incomplete or inappropriate advice, and sadly this often leads to serious illness, or even death. On the other hand, owners who have cared for exotic animals for many years may simply be unaware that there can be alternative treatments or methods available. Our specialist exotics nurse has all the help and advice you need!

Administering medicines

We understand that it can be tricky persuading your pet to take his or her medication, and we're happy to help avoid the stress! If you're struggling at home to administer medicines, please do call us on 01634 242502 to book a free appointment with the nurse.

Dental Care Chihuahua with toothbrush

Unfortunately, dental and oral disease is very common in pets and can cause serious problems throughout the body, especially with the kidneys and heart. The good news is that establishing a regular dental care routine at home is easy, and our nurses will be happy to show you how to take the best care of your pet’s teeth and gums so that problems can be avoided.

Asthma, Kidney and Diabetic clinics

Our wonderful nurses are here to support you and your pet at every stage, from diagnosis through to ongoing care. They share practical advice and tips to help you medicate your pet’s condition so that you both adjust successfully to living with asthma, diabetes or kidney disease.

Rabbit Club Rabbit eating leaf

Increasingly popular as pets, rabbits have specific dietary and housing requirements that many owners may be unaware of. Obesity, boredom and dental problems caused by inappropriate diets are all common issues and our nurses will be happy to supply tips and advice to get your bunny bouncing with health and happiness!

Essential non-medical

In these clinics, our highly skilled and experienced nursing team are trained to undertake a wide range of common procedures for your pet, such as: second vaccinations, kennel cough vaccinations, immunotherapy vaccines, anal gland expressions and nail clips.