Pet Nutrition and Obesity

Your pet's health and fitness

Good nutrition is vital to the health and happiness of your pet and getting this important aspect right now can often help prevent problems in the future.

Dog with food Each animal has different food and nutritional requirements, according to his / her age, health and species; we can give detailed advice about feeding and supplements for every animal, from the smallest lizard to the biggest dog.

Just like we humans, pets commonly suffer with weight problems too. We understand that managing your pet's weight can sometimes Cat licking lips seem challenging, but you can rely on our lovely, fully-trained team to help your pet go from fatty to fitty in no time! We'll recommend a feeding regime tailored to your pet so that together we can help your pet feel better and reduce the risk of him / her developing weight-related issues in the future (such as arthritis, pain and diabetes).

Did you know that members of our Healthy Pet Club can attend a weight management clinic with one of our wonderful nurses for free, as well as receiving a 5% discount on all food bought from Sandhole? Click here for more information on our Healthy Pet Club