Pet Insurance

At Sandhole we strongly support the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or accidents. However, not all insurance cover is the same - some policies only cover a condition once  (clearly this is not ideal for arthritis and heart disease that require lifelong treatment), some limit the time and amount of money you can claim for, whilst others may enforce countless exclusions.

dog with bandage Our advice is always to shop around in order to make sure that your chosen policy meets your needs and suits your pet's circumstances. Always check the small print and be sure to ask:

  • Is the policy lifelong?
  • How much will the policy pay per condition?
  • How much will you pay each year for the insurance?
  • Are any conditions excluded?

Direct Claims

cat with collar We understand that when you have the stress and worry of an ill or injured pet, handling all the paperwork regarding an insurance claim can be the last thing you need. We can usually help by managing the claim direct with your insurer, provided that you request this in advance of your appointment or your pet's discharge. 

Please understand that, reflecting the time and level of involvement required for direct claims, in most cases, in order for us to manage your claim directly:

  • The expected final bill must be over £500
  • All insurance documentation and a signed claim form must be presented upfront
  • The direct claim agreement must be approved by a senior member of the Sandhole team
  • An upfront payment will be taken to cover your policy excess (this will be either the standard £100 minimum, or the required amount / percentage according to the terms of your policy)
  • Please ask one of our team to confirm that we are able to offer direct claims with your insurance company
  • A £25 direct claim administration charge will apply. Please be aware that this cannot be claimed back from your insurance company.