Ronnie’s Journey - Part 2

I can't quite believe Ronnie has been with us for a whole month, he has very firmly got his paws under the table, oh and on the table, on the sofa, on the work tops, up the stairs, I'd forgotten what hard work puppies are!

Ronnie came in to our lives an extremely bold little chap, the Guide Dogs really do breed and socialise their puppies very well right from the word go and it really showed as he strutted confidently into the house and into our lives.

He spent his first few days with us settling into the family. We had lots of fun to help bonding and trust building. This may not have started particularly well when he came face to face with one of our cats, Guinness, and came out with one eye closed. A quick vet check from Ian and he luckily was back to normal within 5 minutes - phew!

Socialisation is a key part of my role. This involves getting Ronnie used to as many things as possible inside and out. The key socialisation period for puppies is up to 16 weeks and so it is vital to do as much as possible positive socialisation within this time. I did have to laugh when he first saw the washing machine, his little head went round and round in circles watching the washing, I decided to take him out before it went into the full spin to save him from complete dizziness! Outside he is getting used to traffic noise and I have also been getting him ready for firework season. I play firework sounds to him, quietly to start with so he doesn't react and then gradually I increased the volume.

Ronnie is quite the man about town, having already visited the following places: Tescos, Waitrose, Lidl, the Post Office, 5 pubs (don't judge it's all part of his socialisation!), Costa, Homebase, Pets at Home, on a training bus and has also sat in on several work meetings! As you can imagine he laps up the attention wherever he is. The first month has flown by but Ronnie has completely changed our lives for the better. We have loads of fun, love our outings and although Ronnie wants to chew everything the upside of this is I have a tidier husband!

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