Protect your pet against killer Parvovirus

Sadly we do still occasionally see cases of Parvo at the practice - a highly contagious and often fatal virus that causes vomiting and dysentery. In May (2015) the Sandhole team were heartbroken after a 10-week old dachshund died within hours of being brought in to the practice. The virus had advanced very quickly and we were sadly unable to do anything to help the poor young chap. His owners could not have done any more - they spotted something was wrong after he went off his food and brought him straight to us, but unfortunately the virus had already taken hold.  Read the full story by clicking here 

We always use our Facebook page and website to notify clients whenever we identify a case of Parvo, and we advise all owners to vaccinate their dogs in order to protect them against this awful virus. At Sandhole we recommend vaccinating puppies from the age of 8 weeks, with an annual booster in order to ensure immunity levels remain high against not only Parvo, but also a number of other serious conditions.

Ian Johnson, Veterinary Surgeon

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