Braveheart Kai

When Kai came in to see vet Luke, he was very poorly. He had been suffering from diarrhoea at home and had lost some weight. He was just not his normal happy Staffie self. He had also been drinking a lot of water and his abdomen was very uncomfortable.

Luke decided the best thing to do, would be to admit Kai for some blood tests, x-rays and an ultrasound scan to try to find out what was wrong. Kai had a history of cancerous lumps and so the fear was that these had spread elsewhere in his body and were causing him problems.

The ultrasound scan and x-rays showed no obvious tumours. In fact they were a little
inconclusive. Nothing definite was showing up. However, Kai had a very low level of albumin in his blood which would definitely be contributing to the fact that he felt so poorly. Luke decided to support him over the weekend with fluids, start him on some painkillers and antibiotics and, if in a couple of days he was feeling no better, then he would have to go into theatre for exploratory surgery.

A couple of days later Kai was feeling no better. He was given an exploratory laparotomy operation to see if there was anything to be found. Kai had a very severe septic peritonitis which was centred around a small ‘abscess’ like mass in his abdomen. This is a highly painful condition and not one which every dog will recover from but so far, Kai had been such a stoical little chap, that both the vets and his owner decided to give him a chance, wake him up, treat him quite aggressively and see how he responded.

One of the first things to address was Kai’s albumin levels. They had dropped even more. This needed correcting and so we went to Maidstone hospital to get some albumin to give to Kai. Vis a drip. This, along with the myriad of suitable antibiotics and supportive treatment really began to make a difference and Kai started to improve. Within a day or two he was eating ( without too much encouragement—he is a Staffie after all!) and his repeat ultrasound scans and blood tests were looking a lot more normal. It wasn't long before we were able to send him home.

Kai came back in recently to have some skin lumps removed. We couldn't believe how much weight he had put on and how well he looked! He really is a superstar and we are so pleased to award him this month’s Braveheart

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