Braveheart Violet

Violet is only just over a year old and bless her heart, she has already been having really big problems with her ears!

She is a Sharpei, one of the "wrinkly" dogs and sadly the breed often suffers with skin, eye and ear problems. In Violet's case she had incredibly narrow ear canals which mean that the likelihood of infection is much higher. Ear infections are incredibly painful, and if they are persistent they become harder and harder to treat as the dog becomes used to having to have ear drops! You will never have seen a dog disappear so quickly when the bottle comes out!!!

After months of trying less radical treatment it was decided to go for surgery to correct Violet's anatomical problems (!) and she underwent an operation to have her vertical ear canals removed.

Vet Laura performed the surgery here at Sandhole and it went really very well, the recovery was uneventful and after a couple more visits to sedate, remove stitches and check the ears and we are pleased to report that Violet is a different dog!

She is playing more, more happy to be handled and we think she must be so much more comfortable!

Well done Violet!

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