Braveheart Sox

Warning: Pictures of wounds included in this story

At the beginning of March Sox was hit by a car... HARD!

The poor boy came into the surgery with extensive skin wounds to his hind quarters. His hind legs and tail were severely lacerated and he had lost a lot of the skin, to the point where you could actually see his bone and he was fast going into a state of shock.

Emergency measures were taken to close the wound as much as possible, provide much needed pain relief, place a drain to allow any fluid accumulation to escape the wound and to put a urinary catheter in place so that Sox wouldn't have to worry about standing up in his litter tray to do a wee!

Bloods and xrays were taken to ensure that there was nothing going on that we couldn't see. The xrays showed that Sox had a broken tail on top of everything else! He was placed onto a drip and vet Rai used the ultrasound machine we have to detect circulation in Sox’s legs. Without circulation, the wounds would not heal and there would be a greater danger of a fatal blood clot so Sox could lose a leg!

Amazingly the Doppler ultrasound showed that Sox had good pulses so, although the wounds were extensive, we had hope our plan would work.

2 days later Sox was starting to use his legs more. He was encouraged to stand and with the intravenous antibiotics and painkillers, it was safe for us to give him another anaesthetic and really start to tidy up the wounds on his leg and tail.

Once we had done this, it was decided to send him home and have him back in regularly for his treatments. After all, most cats are happier at home and he was mobile enough to cope. His owners did a sterling job of taking care of him. We explained that we may need to do some skin grafting to completely close the wounds and that even then, this would not be the last we saw of him!

A week later Sox came back into the hospital for another general anaesthetic. We took swabs from the wounds to ensure there was no infection and again tidied them up to try to encourage natural healing. We repeated this twice a week and used special silver dressings to really encourage the wound to repair itself. Sox had another stay in hospital and by the beginning of April, with intensive nursing both here and at home, both Sox and his wound were healthy enough to perform a skin graft.

Rai performed a skin graft technique where skin from the tummy is rotated and moved back onto the leg. The surgery went really very well and it was nice to see Sox with some skin on his leg! A few more days were spent in the hospital to ensure that Sox’s pain was managed properly and then he went home!

We are pleased to report that Sox continues to do very well. The wound on his tail is getting there and his skin graft appears to have been a complete success! Without a shadow of a doubt he is our first choice for April’s Braveheart award!

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