Braveheart Skye

Skye is a lovely young dog with her whole life in front of her and for an active breed like a Border Collie she really does need to be able to run, so when her owners noticed that she was limping on one of her hindlegs it was a great worry.

Skye was booked in and admitted for a general anaesthetic and for x-rays to have a good look at her leg. When she was examined It was clear that the problem was in her stifle (knee) joint. Basically the groove on top of the lower leg bone that houses the kneecap, or patella was non existant and so the patella had nothing to “sit” in and was being held constantly dislocated.

This was very painful and the degree of rotation of her patella actually meant that Skye had associated muscle misalignment. No wonder she couldn't use her leg!

The only cure for this condition is surgery, but this was a very severe case and would need a new technique to provide the best result.

Vet Glenn conversed with our orthopaedic referral centre and asked them to take a look at the xrays. The technique was discussed and digested and Skye was booked in for surgery.

Skye came in and was placed onto a drip, not only for fluid support but to act as a constant intravenous painkiller.

Vet Glenn opened up her joint and exposed the groove along which the patella usually slides by deflecting the patella sideways, effectively dislocating it. He took out a piece of the bone underneath, a perfect rectangle. He then took some of the bulk off of this resected bone and popped the rectangle back in. Only now it sat much lower, allowing the patella to sit (and stay!) in the newly created groove. The patella was relocated to its proper place and now should not luxate sideways at all! 

Problem solved!

After a day in the hospital Skye was ready to go home on restricted exercise and is doing very well with all the TLC she gets from her owners.

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