Braveheart Roxey

The year really didn't have a very good start for Roxey, a pretty German Shepherd who was unfortunately hit by a car in late January.

Her owners managed to get her into the surgery very soon after she had been run over and thankfully the car was moving at quite a low speed, but it was still going fast enough to cause some serious damage.

Although there were no broken bones Roxey was placed on immediate treatment for her shock, and given lots of pain relief but after about an hour she started to deteriorate. Her breathing became more laboured and difficult and she started panting quite heavily. Glenn decided to take an xray of her chest to find out what was happening.

The xrays confirmed what Glenn had been concerned about. Roxey had a collapsed lung, that is air had come in around the lung compressing it making it impossible for the lung to expand and take any air in when Roxey breathed. This was an emergency and needed urgent treatment.

Glenn placed a temporary chest drain and withdrew over a litre of air and blood from Roxey’s chest cavity. This immediately made her much happier and provided a temporary solution but Roxey needed a little further investigation before he could be 100% happy that this would be the solution.

Ultrasound scans were carried out, as were further xrays to assess Roxey’s condition and along with 5 days of intensive day and night nursing, placement of an indwelling chest drain and thoracocentesis (draining of the chest) resulted in a much happier dog who was ready to go home!

Roxey has continued to go from strength to strength and Glenn is very happy with her progress so far. She was a big hit with all of the staff here who spent a lot of time with her when she was really very ill and are absolutely delighted that she is doing so well.

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