Braveheart Polly

It’s hard to know where to begin writing Polly’s story. She was a fabulous border collie, a real sweetheart and much loved by her owners.

Polly was presented with sudden weakness, she was staggering around and having to use the wall to hold herself up, her owners rushed her to PETS emergency centre and we saw her for her illness for the first time on Christmas Eve.

It was obvious that she was very sick. All of the staff had input into her care, she was placed onto a drip, some blood was taken for tests and the vets ultrasounded her abdomen to see if they could determine the cause of such dramatic symptoms.

Polly was very anaemic and weak, but she still managed to wag her tail and greet the people who were caring for her.

To document all of the treatment that Polly received would be almost impossible, she had two operations, one to remove her gall bladder, the other her spleen, numerous blood tests and many days and nights in the hospital, and although the outcome was to be a sad one it was her spirit, her personality and the fact that she never ever even attempted to growl or complain through everything that won her this award.

She was under treatment with us for weeks and we basically saw her every day. Her owners were fantastic at caring for her and for noticing when she was having a bad day. She had good days and bad days but Polly was diagnosed with haemangiosarcoma, a highly malignant cancer which spreads very quickly, and unfortunately despite everyone’s best efforts, the sad decision was made to have her put to sleep at the end of January.

By the time the decision was made, she was not only much loved by her owners but also by each and every member of staff here at Sandhole Veterinary Centre and we will all miss having her around, it did feel lilke she was part of the family.

So our deserving winner of February’s Braveheart award is Polly, she will be sadly missed.

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