Braveheart Miko

Meet Miko, the latest worthy recipient of our Braveheart award.

This handsome five year old whippet was brought in one evening with a small wound under his left armpit; a result of colliding with a branch whilst doing his favourite thing - chasing squirrels in the woods. Our vet Laura quickly decided that the best option was to give Miko a general anaesthetic so that he would be in no pain as the wound was stitched up.

Once Laura carefully got to work it was immediately obvious that the wound was far deeper than expected, and radiographs revealed that the branch had penetrated Miko's chest cavity. Laura knew that there was a high risk of pneumothorax - an accumulation of air in the space between the lungs and the chest cavity wall. This is a serious condition and can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate and rapid breathing. In Miko's case we removed 130 ml of air, stabilising him for the next stage of the delicate operation.

After a gruelling two and half hours of surgery, Laura had repaired the muscle and soft tissue damage and determined that, mercifully, there was no lung or rib damage. Miko was then fitted with a passive chest drain, enabling our wonderfully attentive nursing team to drain any air and fluid off Miko's chest comfortably, every few hours during his recovery.

Thanks in no small part to the care and TLC he received whilst he stayed with us, Miko made a very speedy recovery and was able to be reunited with his owner after just two days.

Miko has since been back for his check up, and we're really pleased to report that he's made a full recovery. He was so brave throughout his time at Sandhole that he thoroughly deserves to be our Braveheart.

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