Braveheart Marvel

He is a clear choice for a Braveheart award due to his cheeky nature, his zest for life and the fact that despite everything he still greeted us with a wagging tail each time we saw him whether we hadnt seen him for 1 day... or 1 minute!

Poor Marvel had problems! big problems! He was suffering from a condition which caused stones to form in his bladder, eventually blocking it and causing him to be in a very painful position indeed!

Obviously stones blocking his urethra meant that Marvel was unable to wee properly and because the stones were so large he was also unable to pass them "naturally" so in the bladder they would stay unless something was done. Marvel's situation also was slightly complex in the fact that he had many gravel type stones in his bladder and that this is a condition that is likely to recur. When it does recur its not only excruciatingly painful but also very risky to his health as his kidneys would be put under a lot of strain. In some cases it is enough to push them into renal failure.

Vet Rai Janz decided, along with Marvel's owners, that the best course of action would be to operate and physically move the hole that he urinates through. Essentially he would be passing urine through a bigger (less likely to block) hole in his abdomen instead of via his penis.

On starting the surgery and flushing out the bladder we were all amazed at the number of stones that Marvel housed in his bladder. It was no surprise he had been so uncomfortable and we were sure we would be able to do a lot to help him.

This picture shows the contents of Marvels bladder!

The surgery went very well. Marvel had a very stylish buster collar to wear and for a few days he was certainly a little uncomfortable but with plenty of pain relief and lots of TLC from the nurses he was soon on the mend.

The hardest bit was really yet to come. Keeping a bouncy boy like Marvel rested at home was very difficult. He has had to be placed onto a prescription diet to keep his urine at a pH that discourages crystal and stone formation in the urine. He also had a couple of episodes of blood in his urine and from his surgical wound but he has made a good recovery and has even learned how to squat like a female dog for a wee to keep himself clean... what a clever boy!

Marvelous Marvel. A true Sandhole Braveheart!

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