Braveheart Maisie

Maisie, bless her heart, is a very elderly little cat - nearly 17 years old! She is cared for very well by her owner and was brought in when her breathing very suddenly became noisy and laboured. 

When vet Giulia examined Maisie it was clear that she was having some trouble getting enough oxygen into her system and so the first thing she did was place her into an oxygen tent to make it much easier for her to breathe. 

{image:quarter}1When she was stable enough, xrays were taken and it was immediately clear what the problem was. Maisie had aspiration pnemonia, that is she had inhaled something down into her lungs which had caused a massive reaction and would likely become infected!

This is a very serious condition indeed, especially in such an old cat,and so we were all very concerned about Maisie. Care was taken to keep her as calm, unstressed and comfortable as possible. We restricted how much handling she had, and kept her in a very quiet part of the hospital, where although she could be carefully observed, she would not have constant traffic past her little kennel all day. She could rest, and use her energy to start to recover instead of using it up on worrying about what was happening around her.

Vet Giulia felt that she had in fact inhaled some vomit, she had been suffering from a little vomiting up to this point and so she was started on drugs to help with any further vomiting that may occur and some bronchodilators to open up her airways and make breathing a little easier. She was also treated with antiinflammatories and very strong antibiotics.

Poor Maisie was so ill that she struggled to eat, finding it difficult to eat and breathe at the same time, so we gave her some very easy food to eat that she could lap up rather than having to really pick it up in her mouth, this was much easier for her.

It took 3 days of very intensive care to nurse Maisie back to a less serious state! Her recovery was actually quite fast thanks to the due diligence of her owner and the quick treatment afforded to her at the surgery. We were all delighted when she was able to return home, eating, happy and most importantly able to breathe!

Don't to that again to us Maisie!! even if it does get you Sandhole's Braveheart award!!! We are so glad you are back on track!

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