Braveheart Lucy

Lucy is an adorable little black cat who suffered a very nasty accident being run over by a car on the road.

When she came in the first thing the vets had to sort out was her breathing. She was having a lot of trouble breathing due to the fact that her chest had taken quite an impact and there was bleeding and bruising leading to a build up of fluid around her lungs. Xrays of course confirmed this and her chest was drained on both sides with over 100ml of fluid removed. We were all very concerned about Lucy and even in an oxygen tent she was struggling, it seemed that she had less than a 5% chance of making it, but her owners decided not to give up and to give her the best chance.

After her chest had been drained Lucy felt much better but we were all very concerned because she had not yet urinated, and with such a high impact accident it was likely that Lucy had ruptured her bladder.

This was indeed confirmed when after 24 hours she had deteriorated and still not passed any urine, Veterinary Surgeon Kate took Lucy to surgery and it was confirmed .. Lucy had a big hole in her bladder which was leaking urine, basically into her abdominal cavity.

The bladder was surgically repaired and copuis amounts of warm fluid were used to flush out Lucy's abdomen to get rid of all the urine which shouldnt be there and try to minimise the effects and possible infection and peritonitis that this may cause.

The next couple of days would be crucial. Lucy's recovery was slow and she had to have numerous medications to help her to recover. She was on a constant IV drip and her antibiotics and painkillers were administered regularly through the night. She was supported with syringe feeding as well as she really wasnt feeling like eating! and blood tests were regularly taken to make sure she was heading in the right direction.

We are pleased to report that Lucy is doing very well. 100% teamwork and effort from her owners and almost every member of staff here at Sandhole has paid off and there is no reason now why Lucy shouldnt live a normal life! she has certainly pulled through agaisnt the odds .. just stay away from the roads now though girl! ok?!

Congratulations Lucy on your Braveheart Award from all of us at Sandhole Veterinary Centre

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