Braveheart Lotte

Lotte came into see vet Rai after she had been to France for a week using her Pet Passport! She was quiet and a little bit lethargic. When he took her temperature Rai could see that it was higher than normal and she just wasn’t right. This lovely Golden Retriever should have been bouncing around all over the surgery. Instead she stood quietly, feeling very sorry for herself.

Rai prescribed a course of antibiotics and some TLC at home but it was apparent when Lotte came back to see him again that she had deteriorated, and so it was decided to investigate her symptoms further.

Initial blood tests showed that Lotte was very anaemic. She had pale mucous membranes and seemed to be getting worse by the hour. She was admitted and placed onto a drip for support. Numerous tests were performed for not only all the “usual” problems but also for the numerous tick borne diseases of travel which are starting to make their way over to the UK. One in particular called Babesia is a blood parasite that actually causes the red blood cells to break down, often with fatal consequences. Lotte was VERY unwell however and the results for these tests would take a while to come back from the laboratory.

Vet Glenn joined Rai in the management of her case they decided to start blood transfusions. Lotte was blood typed and packed blood cells and were administered to try to bring the numbers of healthy cells in her blood back up to normal. To allow her body to fight what ever it was that was making her so ill.

24 hour monitoring was required. Lotte was moved to PETS emergency clinic at night. They continued the intensive care, and brought her back to us in the mornings. She stayed with us in this manner for over a week. At one point Lotte was having up to 4 blood tests a day to keep an eye on her condition and we were all very very worried about her. After 6 or 7 days in the hospital Lotte suddenly started making progress. She had been under treatment for her anaemia, including treatment against tick bourne diseases. We were also suspicious of leukaemia or a hormonal problem. She was having ultrasound scans, xrays, bone marrow biopsies, everything we could do to find a diagnosis!, and now, all of a sudden she had started to pick up.

From a very flat and depressed dog with bright white gums, Lotte started to become a healthy colour again and was looking much brighter during her daily visits with her owners.

On the day before she went home, Lotte was playing with a rubber ring that the nurses found for her, running around the garden and wagging her tail furiously if anyone said hello!

Lotte has now completely recovered from her anaemia. She is a total winner in all of our eyes and we are thrilled to vote her our Braveheart for March!

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