Braveheart Katie

It would be quite easy to choose a Braveheart animal if he or she had had a big, painful or invasive operation, if he or she had been though an unusual surgery or suffered with a rare condition. In fact in these situations it seems like the obvious thing to do, but we have decided this time to choose a lovely dog, who has been quietly fighting a more common medical illness, and doing so with a tail still wagging even though at points along the way she must have been feeling terrible.

Katie is a gorgeous girl, a svelte shiny lurcher who always seems pleased to see us no matter how many times we take blood, or have her in for the day for tests. She has had her problems in the past, including having to have her spleen removed, but just recently Katie has been suffering with liver disease.  It all started out with some occasional vomiting, and it wasn’t until veterinary surgeon Laura ran some bloods that she discovered that Katie had raised liver enzymes, and it indicated there was a problem. 

Ultrasound scans were used to assess the “quality” of Katie’s liver, and other abdominal organs and thankfully there were no obvious signs of liver cancer, but Katie still wasn’t 100% and paid a visit to the out of hours service with more vomiting and lethargy.

We have been treating Katie for this problem for a couple of months now, and she is starting to show some progress. We believe she has a cholangiohepatitis, a disease of the liver causing inflammation and making her feel really very poorly. Thankfully she is showing signs of improvement, but we thought that after behaving so impeccably for so many blood tests, days in the hospital and diagnostic imaging that she is definitely a worthy winner of the Braveheart Award. 

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