Braveheart Jaz

Jaz is a cracker of a cat, a real smoocher and a big hit with everyone here at Sandhole, she gave us one of the most bizarre cases we have seen for a long time, and as this story will tell you, not everyone is an animal lover, and she was the victim of a cruel stranger...

Jaz was presented by her worried owner when a large lump was noticed close to her ear. It seemed to have come up very quickly and felt hard to the touch. It also felt as though it was attached to the pinna (flap) of her ear and so it was decided that the best thing to do would be to remove it.

Because of Jaz’s age we tested a blood sample before giving her an anaesthetic, just to make the whole procedure as safe as possible and give her a general health screen before we started.

Vet Glen was the operating vet that day and he started the procedure, imagining a normal lump removal, and that perhaps we would sent the mass away to the lab to make sure it was nothing nasty, but when he started to cut down towards the lump he was absolutely astounded to find a METAL BALL BEARING underneath the skin!

Jaz had been shot, but surely not with a gun, the ball bearing was the same size as a pound coin!

Further investigations have caused Jaz’s owners to suspect that she was actually shot with a catapult, the wound was so close to her skull that she really is lucky to be alive. A misfired shot like this could definitely kill a cat, or seriously injure a small child and none of us could believe that anyone would do such a thing.

We are happy to report that Jaz has since made a full recovery and is back to her old self.

Congratulations Jaz for being awarded Sandhole’s Braveheart award for March, she really is a very lucky girl!

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