Braveheart Daisy

We have all known Daisy since she was a tiny puppy who could fit in the palm of your hand, She has matured into a very handsome boxer dog indeed and has had her fair share of veterinary problems. She has a food allergy and cannot eat beef as it makes her itch like crazy, but it was something different that brought her back through our door this February.

A weird lump had appeared on the side of Daisy’s chest, it had come up quite quickly and was really very big!. Vet Kate admitted her to have it surgically explored and it revealed that there was a tract leading right down into the muscles of her chest wall. Wounds like this are usually caused by a foreign body... A grass seed or bit of twig that has managed to make it underneath the skin and just keep going!

The surgery to explore the lump was really quite invasive and there was a lot of reactive tissue in the area so the bleeding and ooze was quite significant.

Daisy went home but because she is so happy and bouncy, and shares her home with a young puppy it was absolutely impossible to keep her still enough for the swelling and ooze to die down sufficiently for it to heal properly.

It was decided after much umming and ahhing that she was probably best admitted into the hospital where it would be much easier for nursing staff to keep her contained! What she really needed was very restricted exercise and our large walk in dog kennels would make this possible.

Daisy was an absolute pleasure to have around. She coped so well with her multiple daily dressing changes and restricted exercise and very soon became part of the family. By the end of her weeks stay she was out and about playing with the vets dog and letting us know that she was fine to go home. We all totally fell for her charms and the decision for February’s Braveheart was a very easy one!

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