Braveheart Chaz

Chaz is a lovely young spaniel in the prime of his life, a real bouncy happy dog... and clearly the sunshine in the lives of his owners but when he was brought in to see Veterinary Surgeon Frances he was in a very sorry state indeed.

He had fallen from a fence and came in with a very swollen shoulder, some swelling over his spine and some evidence of bloodshot eyes. He was also in a lot of pain. 

Chaz was admitted for further investigations because the amount of discomfort he was feeling was worrying. We took blood and ran it in the in house laboratory to discover that Chaz had a very low platelet count, at a level which was life threatening. Veterinary Surgeon Frances felt that perhaps the fall from a fence was a red herring. there was definately something else going on here. What would cause lots of pain, blood clotting problems, blood shot eyes and severe lethargy/collapse? Conscious xrays were also supportive of the France's suspected diagnosis. Chaz had suspected lungworm and he needed a blood transfusion. The situation was very serious indeed.

Chaz was transferred to PETS emergency service because they had the necessary blood for transfusion and they took care of him for the next few days, all the while giving us reports on his progress. We use PETS as our 24/7 emergency service as they have a vet and nurse on all day and night who are able to care for the sickest of patients .. they confirmed our diagnosis and performed many treatments, including a blood transfusion. It was touch and go for a while but Chaz started to improve on the treatment and we were delighted when he was able to go home because he had brightened up and his blood results were improving.

Chaz has since made a good recovery, he has been coming back to the surgery daily for blood tests to make sure that things are all still going in the right direction and we are pleased to see him so bright, even though he's not as happy to see us!

His owners are happy to hear that he is our Braveheart, and that his story may be able to raise some awareness of this preventable disease.

Lungworm is very dangerous, but a simple monthly spot on treatment called "Advocate" treats lungworm, which is becoming more common in this area of the UK. As an added bonus Advocate also treats all kinds of other parasites including fleas! It is picked up by dogs from slugs and snails, either from eating them directly or by eating grass with tiny slugs and snails hiding there. It can also be picked up from your dogs toys, or from a dog drinking from a water puddle.  Most dogs are at risk.

If you would like more information there is a website dedicated to lungworm which has lots of information - It is definately good to be forewarned. If a dog picks up a lungworm infestation, sadly it can prove fatal. 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact the surgery for advice.

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