Braveheart Charlie

Our Braveheart for July is a very deserving cat indeed!

Charlie has really been though the mill lately. He started out with some quite serious dentistry towards the beginning of the year and was then brought in for a funny lump which had suddenly appeared on his head.  

Initially the lump appeared to be a simple abscess but when vet Kate gave Charlie an anaesthetic to have a good look it because clear that this was a solid lump which was closely associated to Charlie’s skull. It was removed surgically and sent to the laboratory to find out exactly what it was.

The results came back quite fast and unfortunately it wasn't good news. Vet Kate was surprised to find that the lump was a high grade lymphoma, a serious form of cancer.

At this point everyone sprang into action. A referral for chemotherapy was arranged and Charlie was seen by an oncologist as soon as he could.

The chemotherapy involved a six week course of treatment. Charlie was very brave throughout and at the end of the course he has shown a remarkable result.

All visible signs of the lymphoma are now gone, and Charlie has had a new lease of life. His owner reports that he is behaving more like he was when he was younger!

The moral of the story? Don’t ignore lumps and bumps. Get them checked out immediately just as Charlie’s owners did and then even if they are serious there is a lot your veterinary surgeon can do to help your beloved pet!

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