Braveheart Breeza

The year didn't begin well for little Breeza. This young handsome tabby cat was found on the 2nd of January on the side of the road in a terrible state and thankfully a kind member of the public picked him up and brought him to us.

When he arrived there was no time for a normal consultation. Breeza had been hit by a car, was bleeding heavily from his head and was in a state of panic and concussion, so he was whisked straight out into the hospital area to see a veterinary surgeon for emergency first aid.

Initial assessments were very difficult because he was so frantic, but it was clear to see that he had a serious head injury. Once he had stabilised a little bit we gave Breeza a slight sedation to examine him and vet Ian could see that Breeza had a fractured jaw and lacerations, not only around his eyes but also in his tongue.

Ian stitched the wounds and wired his jaw back together and Breeza was given some very strong painkillers. The nurses scanned him for a microchip. Up until now he had been a stray cat but thankfully his owners had a microchip implanted when he was younger and so we were able to contact them to let them know what had happened

Breeza was still in a very serious situation, his head trauma had left him seriously concussed, and he spent the rest of the afternoon in the hospital. We were all very worried that he wouldn't recover from his ordeal at all as he lay in a coma fighting for his life.

That night Breeza was dropped off to PETS emergency clinic for overnight monitoring and he came back the following morning still very much unconscious and with pupils of different sizes. He had been placed on a drip and we continued to treat his concussion in the hospital.

Now it was a waiting game, all we could do was continue to offer lots of nursing care and appropriate medication and wait to see when or if he would improve

That afternoon thankfully Breeza started showing some signs of “coming round”. He seemed to watch you as you walked past, he had some voluntary head movement and his pupils were looking much more normal. He went back to PETS that night for more overnight treatment and the following morning he came back looking much more like a normal cat. By the afternoon he was sitting up and wanting attention, and had we'd in his litter tray (hurray!). His owner came down to see him which really picked him up and we all felt now that Breeza was going to make it.

After a couple more days (and nights) nursing, Breeza was sent home. To look at him now you would hardly know what the little chap has been through. If one lesson is to be learned from his traumatic experience it’s MICROCHIP YOUR PET!

Without his microchip, Breeza would never have been reunited with his owners, who not only had him chipped but also insured, so that the cost of all his emergency treatment was paid for. One less worry when you have a seriously ill pet!

We all fell in love with Breeza and were thrilled when we knew he was going to recover. It really was touch and go for a while and we feel that he’s a deserving winner for this year’s first monthly Braveheart.

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