Braveheart Anubis

In the wild black and white Tegus can be found in the rainforests of Argentina, so when Anubis a captive specimen needed veterinary attention it was veterinary surgeon Kate Everett whose experience in "all things exotic" who was able to help.

Anubis had been having problems with his bottom! He was prolapsing repeatedly and after initial attempts to replace the prolapse which didnt really work satisfactorally it was decided that for the best result his prolapse would have to be repaired surgically by going into the abdomen and lifting it back and then securing from the inside, a technique known as a pexy.

This is not a simple procedure, and one which, along with the anaesthetic, restraint and aftercare of Anubis was a good challenge for the whole Sandhole team.

Anubis was admitted and housed in our exotic ward with the correct heating and lighting, give supportive preparatory treatment of fluids, antibiotics and painkillers and taken to surgery the following day. He was a little angry about the whole situation, a trait which actually really does help in the recovery for animals like this. Feistyness is always a good thing!

The surgery went very well, as did the anaesthesia and recovery. The offecnding prolapse was replaced and secured inside the abdomen and we were delighted when Anubis woke up well and showed that he still had rather a strong opinion about the whole matter!

Blood have also been taken to screen for his general health, and Anubus was able to go home the following day.

He came back to see us this morning for his wound check post surgery where eveyrthing is looking just as it should. 

Correct husbandry and care at home have certainly contributed to the general health of Anubis, and so credit must go to his owner who is obviously doing a stirling job of caring for him, something which is sadly lacking in many of the exotic patients we see,

We hope you continue to be feisty and wriggly Anubis! and continue to make a full recovery from this surgery.

Congratulations on being our most recent Braveheart!

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