Guide Dog Puppy Walking: Ronnie

Guide dog puppy Ronnie Welcome to the first part of my adventure with Ronnie, which will take you with me on my journey as a Guide Dog Puppy Walker. The idea was born whilst working on reception at Sandhole. I was having my usual cuddles with all the animals in the waiting room when I got chatting to a lovely lady who was on her 11th Guide Dog puppy. She had with her Nemo, a truly scrumptious, cuddly and well behaved GSD who just made my heart melt.

Guide dog puppy Ronnie We chatted at length about the role of a puppy walker and it appealed to me as both a rewarding and fulfilling thing to do. At home that evening I started researching and found a wealth of information on the guide dogs website. After a few more weeks and a few more chats with different guide dog owners and puppy walkers I applied and went through their volunteer recruitment process. They sent me loads of information on the role of a puppy walker and I had an "interview". Every single person I spoke to at Guide Dogs was just lovely and obviously very proud to be working for a charity that makes such a difference to people's lives.

So, in just a few days, my first guide dog puppy will be coming to live with us for socialisation, basic training and a lot of cuddles! His name is Ronnie and he is a Labrador x Golden Retriever and although I haven't actually met him yet, I can already tell you he is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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