A ‘wheely good job’

A 'wheely' good job!

When you specialise in exotic pets, every day brings a wide variety of wonderful species to see, along with a different set of challenges! I met Harriet, a 20-year old tortoise whose back legs had been injured following what her owner believed must have been a fox attack.

Sadly Harriet's legs became badly infected after the severe attack, and it was clear that the kindest course of action was to amputate. Fortunately the wheels from a toy bus proved to be just the perfect size and shape and so I was able to attach them securely onto Harriet's shell and give her a whole new lease of life.

As the wheels wear down, we may have to replace Harriet's undercarriage at some point - I suppose it will all depend on how many hares she races!...

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Nicky Barnes, Veterinary Surgeon

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