Excellent pet care at a fair price

Pet Health Comes First

Our aim at Sandhole Veterinary Centre is to provide the very best care for your pet. We will always make clear recommendations with a written estimate of cost where a course of treatment or surgery is required. Ginger cat sleeping Our vets and nurses will discuss all the implications and options with you, so that you are always fully involved with shaping your pet's care.

Should these costs subsequently change, we will always endeavour to contact you for your approval. However, in emergency situations this may not always be possible, and when immediate decisions are called for, we will always decide in the best interests of your pet.

Guinea pig Modern medicine can be expensive and so we understand that at times hard decisions and compromises may be required. In the interests of transparency we will always discuss the full spectrum of prices and options available, please do not be offended or feel pressured into making uncomfortable choices. As pet owners ourselves, we understand, so please do feel free to talk openly and in confidence with us when required.