After a childhood spent living on a farm and caring for various orphaned animals from lambs to wild rabbits, it was always inevitable I would head off to the University of Bristol to train as a veterinary surgeon. I qualified in 2007 and have worked in Kent ever since, joining Sandhole Veterinary Centre in August 2018.

I was drawn to the practice because we share the same approach, taking the time needed to do the right thing. I am passionate about the care and welfare of all animals and enjoy working with their owners to give them the best possible quality of life. I have a particular interest in internal medicine and ensuring dignified end of life care (something that Sandhole does very well). I also have a special soft spot for guinea pigs!

In my spare time I love to cook huge lunches, explore our lovely countryside and help out on a friend’s farm, reliving those childhood memories! At home I have an accident-prone cat called Scout and three lambs called Scaredy Cat, Beautiful and Chip Bug (I should say they were not named by me!)