I've been interested in animals since I was in junior school, when I read an article about ethology and couldn't believe that studying animals in their natural environment could be a job - I used to watch ants for hours, trying to figure out their social structure. At that moment my career was pretty much settled, although I did choose a more conventional route and become a vet.

After graduating in Italy I came to England, working in a couple of jobs in general practice before choosing the PDSA. I liked the idea of helping people and animals in need and I felt like I was really making a difference - something that Sandhole also offers, and a huge factor in me coming to the practice in January 2019. As a vet in the charity sector I gained lots of surgical experience and I will be developing these skills by studying for a certificate in surgery to further improve the care we provide to our patients here at Sandhole.

Outside the consult room, my main interest has always been computer science, specifically computer programming and automation. I fly racing drones that I build myself and I have also been a professional video game player. I enjoy music, dancing Cuban salsa and love travelling when I have the opportunity to do so.