I have worked here at Sandhole since July 2014, with a background in a number of customer service roles. I felt a strong calling to work with animals and people in a caring and compassionate environment and so being part of the team here at Sandhole where all the staff take time to treat each animal as an individual and care for their needs, treating all as if part of their family, ticked every box for me.

I am a Mum to two lovely poodles Rosie and Nessie, having felt the loss of three dearly loved cats Tilly, Tom and Fluff who all crossed the Rainbow Bridge after living to ripe old ages (21, 17,and 16 respectively). Being able to comfort and empathise with clients going through the same loss, and knowing how respectfully the animals here at Sandhole are treated is truly heart warming.

At home I am a Reiki and crystal healer, and enjoy long country walks and leading an organic lifestyle