AlisonCustomer Care

I have worked at Sandhole for over three years; first in the office and now as a member of the front of house customer care team. Perhaps more importantly, I have also been a client for 35 years and I have always been impressed with the care and treatment my own animals have received.

I thoroughly enjoy working at Sandhole - no two days are ever the same. I love seeing all the different animals that come through the door, especially when they arrive feeling quite poorly and then go back home looking so much better after the care they've received from us.

Animals have always played a large part in my life - when my children were growing up we had what can only be described as a menagerie. Almost two years ago I acquired my latest companion, a lovely golden retriever called Crystal. She has some ongoing health issues but I know that at Sandhole we will do the very best for her - she certainly loves visiting the team and everybody makes a great fuss of her!